In The Moment: #TheFreestyleExperiment (Video)


Atlanta is a city with that’s full of action. There’s always something to do, no matter what the time, no matter what the day. That goes double if you’re talking about the music scene. Open mics and showcases are an everyday thing in the “A”

But if you’re in the city on a Tuesday night and you’re looking to find the next sound, there’s one place you should experience.

First Tuesday of every month at the legendary Apache Cafe, MicxSic and Savage Fam Productions bring #TheFreestyleExperiment A live music experience that brings together all genres and styles to perform with a live band. No one night or set is every the same.

Couple that with a showcase of producer talent and you get a scene that’s hard to explain. “In The Moment: #TheFreestyleExperiment” is the second best way to feel what it’s like to see this production take place. The mini-movie tracks some of the artists who performed for the crowd and the founder of the event to speak about the event and what’s it like to be, in the moment

If you can’t be there in the physical, then this is the second best place to be


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