A Year Of Distractions: Obama’s Daughter x Pro Era, LAHH, Donald Trump And His Plan To Make America “Great” And More (Audio)


What a year to be alive man! I say that every year, but serious, 2015 was something special. We saw people stand-up for their rights against police brutality. We’ve seen musicians stand-up for themselves against Internet piracy and streaming companies.

We also saw a bunch of non-sense that should’ve never made the news ticker outside of the fact that it was a slow news day. NFTUTV called those the “Daily Distraction.” There were some great distractions this year. Technically, we can consider almost every moment Donald Trump stepped to a microphone as a “Daily Distraction.”

But I had to cut to 5 since it’s just me by my lonely creating these posts. Here are 5 of the most ridiculous moments of the year that made the news. Here are the 5 best “Daily Distractions” of the year.

5. “Is this a world tour or you girls tour?”

What Meek Mill started, Drake finished in an epic way. After the Philly emcee took to Twitter to vent about a list of complaints he’s had including lack of artist support. He would also go on to insinuate that Drizzy had a ghostwriter. He even went as far as handing Funkmaster Flex a copy of the reference track he claimed Drake used to create his hit, “10 Bands”

Drake, armed with anger, a massive social media following and the backing of practically all of corporate America, dismantled Meek Mill like we’ve never seen before.

Yet, the beef couldn’t go quietly thanks to the Internet. The constant flow of memes, sparked stories left and right on blogs trying to keep pace with whatever was a trending topic at the time. For what seemed like weeks, there would be a new list or favorite memes, lines, celebrity responses, etc that would be passed off as news. As the year gets closer to an end, prepare to hear another round of Drake vs Meek as blogs scramble to fill 100 slots for whatever list their compiling.

4. The selfie that the Secret Service couldn’t stop. 

Since he was elected, the daughters of President Barack Obama has stayed in the headlines as much as any Kardashian. We’ve literally watch these girls go from little girls to teenagers, complete with boyfriends and attitudes.

But for the most part, the two Obama girls have been mild-mannered when it comes to their behavior when compared to other Presidential children. So maybe that’s why this selfie became such a big deal.

When we originally posted this story, these words were said,

So while John Boehner deals with fighting from inside his party and everyday workers try to get minimum wages raised to a livable amount, this will probably be what most people talk about.

President Barack Obama’s eldest daughter Malia somehow posted a semi-sexy selfie. What’s The oddest part about this you say? She’s wearing a Pro Era shirt. Is it safe to say she’s a Joey Bada$$ fan?

Apparently, Malia was a fan of Joey and the Pro Era team. Like a typical fan, she showed her allegiance to her favorite group by rocking some merch! She posted a picture of her wearing a Pro Era t-shirt. The picture was sent to an actual member of the crew from a friend of hers.

And just like that, the news came to a halt! For the next few days we would figure out how the selfie got out, who it got to, how the Secret Service missed it and how her dad felt. Not a whole lot to talk about raising minimum wage tho.

3. Iggy Azalea…

Iggy has had a rough year for someone who started it off so bright. I mean, she had everything going for her. She had back-to-back hit singles, a album doing numbers. She was even racking up award nominations. You would’ve thought that would be enough to keep an artist happy.

Apparently not. Between arguing with her mortal enemy Azaliea Banks, she found herself quickly on the out’s with the hip-hop circle thanks to her lack of care for the culture. Granted, there were times that she was baited into a no-win situation. But there were times when Iggy could’ve just shut-up.

This time, she did shut-up and still became the darling of the news cycle. So Iggy Azalea won a People’s Choice Award. Great. That wasn’t the story so much. This was.

Probably the biggest slap in the face came last night prior to her performance at the show last night.

Moments before announcing Iggy as the winner, presenters Dax Shepard and Monica Potter, who star on NBC’s Parenthood, listed off a series of rapper names in a section scripted by writers.
To prove her street cred, Potter rattled off a string of ‘rappers’ she loves, like Dr. Drew and ‘Igloo Australia’.

Yes, Igloo Australia. The name was actually created by Azealia Banks, but now it’s taken on a life of its own.

Iggy Azalea was now a joke that everyone can partake in. She took that blow with a smile, but the backlash afterwards lasted for what seemed like forever.

Eventually, her biggest supporter and shield, T.I. had to call it quits. In typical Meg fashion, she didn’t learn about it until he went on the air to announce that he was done with the situation.

2. LAHH….pick one. 

The LAHH franchise has taken on a life of it’s own. No longer dependent on any particular personality, the producers can literally insert any “star” into the fold and make good TV.

Aside from the fights, scandalous affairs and such, one of the key storylines from LAHH Hollywood stopped all Internet traffic.

Two rappers Milan Christopher and his boyfriend Miles on the show were part of this season. The two rappers are men. They are gay. This made for constant conversation online and on blogs about who the two were, the status of their relationship and any other fact that you probably should’ve give two f*cks about. What they didn’t speak about was the lack of music that were were not hearing from these artists who were there to represent the struggle of artists who are in the closet or out of it.

I would think that if the show was anywhere near honest with it’s stories maybe they would’ve tapped one of the more talented LGBT emcees in the game. Maybe.If they we’re real about it. But then again, what else could help you forget about police brutality, war and a bunch of other things that would make you feel sad.

  1. Donald Trump and his insistence on making America “great” 

Since the billionaire real estate mogul threw his name in the race for President, everyday has been a daily distraction.

Pick a sound-byte. He’s proposed that we deport all illegal immigrants, block any Muslim’s who attempt to enter the country. He’s insulted some of the people running against him and anyone who has questioned him. He’s somehow positioned himself as a leader who prides himself on whining until he gets his way because, “he likes to win.”

I don’t know how he is actually surviving in the race for President outside being news fodder for slow days. What I do know is, that between now and next year, he’ll give us many more moments to help us pass the time while real sxxt happens.

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