‘Shot In The Dark’: Family Guy Takes On Gun Violence (Video)


Who else could take on the shooting of Trayvon Martin and the killing of Black teens by White males and give it a comedic spin other than Seth McFarlane.

The latest episode of Family Guy titled, ‘Shot In the Dark,’ does just that. Peter and his friends decide to form a neighborhood watch group after a couch is stolen off his yard. After easily acquiring some heavy-duty fire power, the guys go on patrol. An accidentalbum shot in the dark after being startled caught Cleveland Jr. in the arm. From there everything from protests to court trials happen. All it with a few jokes for good measure.

While it was bold to take on such a hot-button topic, the moral of the story will surely appease the ‘All Lives Matter’ crew. As the story closes, we realize that all it would take is for Cleveland and Peter to talk to realize that Peter’s not racist and the shooting was a total accident due to fear. Fin.

Not so fast. You can’t tie a cute ribbon around something that effected so many people. George Zimmerman wasn’t a simple accident due to fear. That was a grown man with a gun and a un-deserved feeling of superiority that led to the actual killing of a teen, not just a shot to the arm.

Still, the effort is to be comended. No one else, at least not a cartoon dedicated to crass jokes and inappropriate humor, would even have the balls to try it. At the end of the episode, tried it is what you will think.

Watch a trailer for the episode below


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