Egyptian Woman And Her Boyfriend Arrested For Inciting Debauchary With Their Music Video (Video)




We often complain about the quality of music videos here in the staters. We’re no where close, as of yet, to where you can be arrested for what you debut on WSHH.

An Egyptian couple is facing major jail time in the country for the sultry images that they put on film.

Per the AP:

According to the AP, Reda el-Fouly was arrested this week after police saw her fully-clothed video girl turn.

She’s apparently been charged in an Egyptian misdemeanor court. The so-called debaucherous incitement does appear to be an equal opportunity crime, however—authorities also want to charge her boyfriend or perhaps now ex-boyfriend, Wael Elsedeki, who reportedly fled to Tunisia as soon as things got hot.

A third person, presumably the director of the doomed video, is also wanted on similar charges.

After seeing the video, I don’t see the big deal. Again, we see worse on a daily basis on WSHH daily. You be the judge. Checkout the video below

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