Tune In, Tune Out: Newsroom Guest Lights A Joint On Air (Video)




Let me tell you, if more people could do what this guy did on live television, there would be a lot less arguments I tell you.


A guest on the SABC Newsroom program discussing the legalisation of cannabis in South Africa ended his appearance by lighting up what appears to be a dagga joint while live on air.

Head of the Cannabis Working Group, Andre du Plessis joined Central Drug Authority (CDA) deputy Chairperson, David Nayever, in a discussion about cannabis legalisation on the SABC segment which aired on Monday (11 May).

According to the SABC broadcast, Nayever said the CDA is aware that the legalisation of cannabis is something that needs to be investigated seriously and it would look at what is best for South Africa. Nayever noted, however, that recent xenophobic attacks in the country had delayed the discussions.

Clearly annoyed by the notion that xenophobia had a part to play, Du Plessis interjected, saying: “The CDA is 11 years late in presenting its position paper. Please don’t bring xenophobia into this as a form excuse into being late and doing your job.” Du Plessis then proceeded to take out what appears to be a cannabis joint, and lit it on screen.

Watch du Plessis light up and mellow out below



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