Karl Rove Surrenders To Obamacare




Obamacare just found the most unlikely of allys.

In a recent Op-Ed piece for the WSJ, Karl Rove advises his Republican buddies that fighting to repeal Obamcare is a dead issues.

Per The Hill:

And now comes Rove, on the op-ed page of The Wall Street Journal and the other places he inhabits, telling Republicans (correctly) that their pledge to repeal ObamaCare is a bad and politically stupid idea. Rove’s acknowledges (correctly) that it will not be repealed, and warns Republicans (correctly) they could pay a heavy price with voters if the Supreme Court overturns ObamaCare and Republicans have to face endless news stories about the bad things that happen to Americans if ObamaCare is overturned or repealed and Republicans have nothing to offer instead (which they don’t).
I believe Chief Justice John Roberts and a Supreme Court majority will uphold ObamaCare in its upcoming and monumental decision. I believe the court will agree with me that the legislative intent of the law is clear, that all exchanges should receive subsidies, and that they will agree with me that the havoc to healthcare and the painful damage to Americans from a decision against ObamaCare, or repeal of ObamaCare, would be a disaster.

Rove’s surrender to ObamaCare, advising Republicans against pretending they would repeal ObamaCare, is politically very wise. Rove’s fear about what happens to Republicans if the court does overturn ObamaCare provisions and the world witnesses horror stories of Americans being hurt because of Republican anti-ObamaCare politics — without any Republican policy to undo the damage — is politically brilliant.

Not sure if this will stop candidates for running on the “I can repeal Obamacare” platform in 2016, but it sure shows that some members of the Good Old Party understand when a war is lost.,

[The Hill]


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