What Happens In Vegas: A Lot Went Down At Rehab This Weekend (Video)


This past weekend, Las Vegas was packed for what many considered the “Fight of the Century” (atleast before the fight actually happened)

The fight generate millions for the Las Vegas economy as parties and events jumped off all up and down the strip. One of the more popular venues for partygoers was Rehab. Famous for hosting A-list celebrities and beautiful women, their pool parties are the stuff to write home about.

As the weekend came to a close, Rehab turned into Caligula. And thanks to social media, we were able to watch all the ratchet tomfoolery go down without having to be personally inconvenienced in anyway.

Some of the craziness included people getting extra lose in the pool, folks jumping the fence to get into the event, doors being broken and of course, a MASSIVE brawl!

With pre-sale tickets going to $300 ($500) at the door, you would think that people would’ve acted a little better than that.

Guess everything can’t stay in Vegas.



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