Watch: President Obama Speaks On The Riots In Baltimore “No Excuse For The Violence, It Is Counterproductive!” (Video)

You wanted it. You waited on it. Now you got it. Whenever a “Black” issue pops up, of course the world wait on pins and needles for a message from the countries first African-American President, Barack Obama.

The most current “Black” issue that our Black President had to come out the Oval Office to address are the riots in Baltimore.

As the world watched Baltimore descend into chaos as police tried to fight back an onslaught of rocks thrown by teenagers, there was no way President Obama could not make a statement. Especially with this being a “Black” issue.

So the President addressed the media and the nation earlier this afternoon, condemning those who turned to violence last night.

He decided to steer clear from addressing the death of Freddie Gray, also a “Black” issue.

Take a look at the Presidents speech below



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