Folk Legend Joni Mitchell In A Coma, Unresponsive




Sad news to report from the world of music. TMZ is reporting that Joni Mitchell has fallen into a coma.

From the looks of it, things don’t look good.

Per TMZ:

Joni Mitchell is unconscious in a hospital, unable to respond to anyone, with no immediate prospects for getting better.

Joni’s close friend of 44 years, Leslie Morris, has just filed legal docs to obtain a conservatorship over the legendary singer. Morris says Joni told her she has no close relatives who could assume the role.
TMZ broke the story, Joni was rushed to the hospital on March 31st, after being found unconscious at her L.A. home. She was taken to UCLA Medical Center, where she remains.

Joni, whose hits include “Big Yellow Taxi,” is not responsive to anything. The documents say she’s “so impaired as to be incapable of being assessed.”

On a personal note, Joni Mitchell’s music will always have a home in my heart. Our prayers go out to Joni and his family.



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