Want My Money Back: Dave Chappelle, R. Kelly And Trina Leave Fans Wanting More (Video)




This was not the weekend for fans of live performances. Several high profile acts lefts fans wanting refunds this past weekend for various reasons.

1. There was drunk

Comedian Dave Chappelle did a show in Detroit this weekend. Fans expected to get some laughs, but all they got to do was boo.

Chappelle apparently appeared on stage drunk. Needles to say, his set reflected his state at the time and fans were not happy. Cries for refunds flooded social media during and after the show.

Reps for Dave Chappelle have been silent on the indcident so far.

Watch his “performance” here

2. The money was not waiting at the door

R. Kelly was set to make a live appearance in Arizona this weekend. Kelly was a no-show thanks to the promoter of the event not having the rest of Kelly’s money before he hit the stage.

Once news hit he crowd that Kelly was not coming out on stage, all hell broke loose. Chairs were thrown, words were said. A video sent into TSR shows the crowds reaction to the news Kelly wouldn’t be performing.

Apparently, the promoter for the show was a pastor at a local church. I bet worship service on Sunday was special.

3. Conflicting storiesĀ 

“The Baddest Bitch” Trina was supposed to perform for a group of students in Columbus Ohio, but like the previous story, she was a no-show.

This one isn’t as cut and dry. While Trina reached out first by posting a long letter to her disappointed fan base on Instagram blaming her early exit on the promoter not paying her before she performed. The promoter would counter her claims saying that in actuality, Trina was in breach of contract for not making an agreed upon appearance before the show and not being at the venue on time.

The moral of the story, get the promoters phone number and make sure the person you’re coming to see is actually coming. Or is sober enough to perform.


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