Millville NJ: Cops Snap And Attack Man Outside A Liquor Store (Video)

Millville NJ

With the heightened sense of anger in the air amongst citizens, police departments across the counrty are trying to be more transparent when it comes to altercations between officers and people.

The Mayor of Millville in New Jersey recently released footage in an effort to be more transparent showing an Millville officers assaulting a man in front of a liquor store.

Per Projectfreethought:

Both of the incidents resulted in criminal charges for the officers involved.

Lt. Carl Heger was charged Tuesday with simple assault after surveillance video captured him attacking a man as he walked into a liquor store.

The department released a cellphone video of the surveillance video Friday, which showed Heger turn around and shove a man who was walking behind him. The video does not have audio, but it is apparent that Heger’s actions were in no way self-defense.

The department also released the subsequent 9-1-1 call from the liquor store employee reporting Hager’s assault.

“I just had a customer be assaulted by another one at Joe Canal’s Liquor Store in Millville and a black guy is waiting for him outside,” the unidentified employee said.

[Project Freethought]



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