Duke’s Quinn Cook Convinces Some Girls That He Is J.Cole (Video)




Fresh off winning the National Championship, Duke University point guard Quinn Cook hit the mall in North Carolina to pick-up some fresh duds and catfish some music fans.

Quinn took to his Instagram to let’s his followers know that he has been successfully convincing people that he is in fact another one of N.C.’s favorite sons, J. Cole.

Duke alum Nolan Smith uploaded a video of Cook speaking to some ladies at a booth and asking them, “First of all, you have to get my name right. What’s my name?” The women then look at him and say “J. Cole,” prompting the starting point guard to bust out a line from the rapper’s 2014 Forest Hills Drive track, “Apparently.”

The ladies fell for it, but true Cole fans didn’t. Check out the video of Quinn kicking game like Jermaine Cole here



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