The French Connection: French Officals Seize More Than $105 Million Dollars Worth Of Cocaine


The French apparently love their cocaine. This massive seizure of nose candy says so.

Per Gawker:

Authorities say they made the largest cocaine bust in French history last week when they seized more than a $105 million from smugglers, ruining someone’s weekend for sure.

CNN reports French customs officials noticed the hardly-unobtrusive two tons of cocaine when they boarded a sailboat “falsely flying an American flag” off the coast of Martinique Wednesday.

The giant haul reportedly accounts for more than a third of the total drug seizures made by French authorities over the last year.

According to TIME, at least three people were arrested during the drug raid, and somewhere in a French-Caribbean discotheque, the sweaty screams of “J’ADORE CETTE CHANSON!!!!!!!!!” faded away into the balmy night.

Many, there were plenty of French people wondering why their “guy” wasn’t picking up. Now you know.



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