San Diego Police Officer Run Over By His Own Cruiser (Video)

Police tape

A San Diego police officer got the chance to see a brutal video of a criminal using his own cruiser to run him over.

Per Daily Mail

A video that was played during a preliminary hearing in a California courtroom on Friday showed a San Diego police officer being hit with his own cruiser.

Officer Jeffrey Swett was allegedly run over by William Bogard in January after the suspect stole his car while it was running, according to prosecutors.
Swett suffered two broken arms, a broken leg and severe head and neck trauma, while Bogard has pleaded not guilty.

The hearing was held so a judge could determine if there is substantial evidence for a trial.
Swett testified on the witness stand that Bogard was smiling behind the wheel while running him down, according to ABC News.

He said: ‘I figured at that point in time he was going to kill me.’

The officer added he felt ‘immediate pain’ upon impact and ‘forcefully hit’ the pavement afterwards.
Bogard was able to get into Swett’s car without resistance because the officer was investigating reports about the suspect breaking into a house and threatening to kill the occupants, according to 10News.

When the vehicle struck Swett, it was traveling at a speed of 15 to 22 miles an hour, according to deputy district attorney Michael Runyon.
Swett’s partner, Officer Brett Byler, shot at the car and hit Bogard in the leg.

The suspect’s mother, Heather Bogard, apologized for what happened and said her son has schizoaffective disorder during an earlier arraignment.

She said: ‘It’s been devastating and heartbreaking for all families involved. ‘Bogard was charged with two counts of attempted murder on a peace officer, two counts of assault with a deadly weapon, vehicle theft, burglary and criminal threatening,

He faces 19 years to life in prison if convicted, according to CBS 8.
The preliminary hearing will resume on Monday.

Watch the video here

[Daily Mail]


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