Believe It Or Not: Iggy Azalea Explains How Song Credits Work (Video)




All right class, sit up straight and grab your notebooks. Iggy Azalea is about to give us all a lesson in how song writing credits work.

The pop-hop star took to Twitter for a short moment to explain to the world how song credits work. Why you say? It has to do with her hit song, “Fancy” and who may or may not have helped write the song. Apparently, it’s been rumored for a while that Los Angeles rapper Skeme actually ghost wrote the song.

Azalea went on the Sway In the Morning show recently where she spoke about them one and Skeeme. The way she answered the questions left the door open for more questions. Rather than be grilled by a reporter, Iggy took to Twitter where in a few tweets, she explained to all watching how song credits work.

If you care to read her tweets, click here. If you care to hear about the time Iggy was on Sway and John from Tennessee called, look below.



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