Nickelodeon Sitcom ‘Make It Pop’ Introduces A New Crowd To Korean Pop Music (Audio)




The average person wouldn’t understand how big pop music is in South Korea. The country doesn’t just import music. A thriving, profitable music scene has grown in the country with pop being the biggest cash cow.

Korean Pop or “K-Pop” as all the cool kids call it is a direct mirror image of the boy bands and solo acts like Backstreet Boys, N-SYNCH and Brittney Spears. Homegrown stars are groomed to look and sound like what a pop star should be. In this case, their all Korean.

Teeny boppers her in the states are about to get a crash course in everything K-Pop thanks to Nickeldeons new show, Make It Pop.

Starring a Korean-American actress who became famous in Seoul, South Korea, as a real K-Pop artist, this show signifies the strength of the Korean wave of culture — or hallyu, as it’s known.

Kat Chow spoke with some key figures behind the show for NPR’s All Things Considered about the show, K-Pop and more.

Listen to their interview here



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