‘All N*ggers Must F*cking Hang’: SF Police Department’s Disturbing Texts Leaked




With the situation going on in South Carolina and the mess of emails that got the aferguson PD in hot water with the federal government, you would think cops across the nation would be on the p’s and q’s right now. I guess San Francisco PD didn’t get that memo.


In a disturbing revelation out of the San Francisco Police Department, text messages exchanged between officers contained offensive comments about gay men, Filipinos and Hispanics, even the term “white power” was allegedly used more than one time.

Even more disturbing, the officers worked in neighborhoods where mostly minorities lived.
According to the Guardian, one text reads: “All n*ggers must f*cking hang.” Another read: “Cross burning lowers blood pressure! I did the test myself!”

Lawyers for the officers maintain the texts do not represent their clients’ true views and that they were just a way to cope with a stressful job.

One of the officers under investigation, Michael Robinson, a 23-year veteran, has resigned, while two of his colleagues have been reassigned to non-public-contact positions. However, the investigation might still result in the termination of their employment.

The texts came to light while authorities were carrying out an investigation on former police sergeant Ian Furminger, who was found guilty of corruption and sent to prison for three years.

Maybe it was a way to ease stress. Paul Mooney says saying the n-word over and over could make your teeth whiter, who knows what else it could do.




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