Deputy Says He Produced 90-95% Of Rihanna’s New Single


Rihanna has a new hit on her hand with “Bitch Better Have My Money”. The dark sounding track is a far leap from what we normally hear from Rhi Rhi, and that was the producers point. Or, one of the producers, depending on who’s having the conversation.

While it’s listed as produced by Kanye West, Travis Scott, Wondagurl and Deputy. Deputy is letting the world know that a majority of that song had his hands and only his hands involved.

Per Stereo Gum:

Officially, “Bitch Better Have My Money” credits Deputy and Kanye West as co-producers with additional production by Travi$ Scott and WondaGurl. But the Brooklyn-based beatmaker asserts pretty insistently that he was the primary force behind the song:

I produced the record — meaning that I went in and helped arrange the vocals. I was instrumental in the writing process and producing the record to where it’s at now. The whole process started in the studio with the writer, and then once Rihanna got a hold of it then she took it to her level.
As far as the other producers on the track, he can only name one thing that Travi$ Scott did, and isn’t entirely clear on what role Wondagurl played. Kanye got the track in Rihanna’s hands, but aside from that, it doesn’t seem like he was very involved in production either:

I owe Kanye nothing but gratitude — he played an instrumental part in getting the record to Rihanna. Wondagurl’s contribution I didn’t know about, but Travi$ came in and added the part in the second verse where the beat changes. The record is 90-95% me — it’s no shade on nobody, but at the end of the day, the record is produced by Deputy. I been in this game for a minute, so I understand how the game is, and it’s cool.
Honestly, that makes a lot of sense because this beat doesn’t really sound like something Kanye would make. It’s very dark, and not in the blown-out Yeezus way; it’s much more akin to Travi$ Scott-style production. Deputy also said he had Rihanna in mind when he came up with the track:

The thing with Rihanna is, you can’t go in doing a record for Rihanna — her range is so wide that you’ll limit yourself trying to focus on it. So I went in and just created what I felt would be dope. When you work from that standpoint, everything comes out dope, so I just did what I felt was dope. Once I did it, I knew for a fact that it would be a Rihanna placement. I even wrote on my vision board, ‘Rihanna placement, Track number 8.’ I named the beat “You Owe Me,” because that’s what I thought it was called. I was like, ‘This shit is her all day. This shit is fire.’

So, I’m sure he’s already got his money, he’s now just saying, “B**** Better Have My Credit”


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