French Court Orders Baker to Remove Racist Pastries From Window (Photo)


A pastery shop in France has been ordered to remove some of their work from their windows due to the fact that it is blatantly racist.


A French bakery has been ordered to remove “racist” chocolate cakes resembling caricatures with exaggerated genitalia from its windows, after a court in the French Riviera city of Nice deemed the pastries “an affront to human dignity, particularly that of African persons or persons of African descent.”

The controversy surrounding the cakes kicked off in early March, when a horrified resident in the small town of Grasse reported the 4-inch tall, chocolate-coated “Gods” and “Goddesses” pastries in the windows of Yannick Tavolaro’s bakery to the Representative Council of Black Associations of France (Conseil Représentatif des Associations Noires de France — CRAN).



The pastries, which depict a black man and woman with oversized genitalia, also feature “obscene and offensive slave trade caricatures, steeped in the old tradition of colonial racism,” according to a statement from CRAN.

The anti-racism group immediately called for the removal of the “pompously-named” cakes via a press release, saying the pastries “ridiculed African religions” and harked back to the colonialist vision presented by the comic book Tintin in the Congo. The CRAN also noted the proximity of Tavolaro’s bakery to several schools, and expressed concern over the fact that the baker is also the president of the local youth soccer league, “which includes many children from diverse backgrounds.”

On Thursday the court banned baker Yannick Tavolaro from displaying the cakes in the window of his Grasse Delights bakery, in a ruling which does not affect his right to produce or sell the cakes. The court said Tavolaro had shown no malicious intent in making the pastries, which the baker said are produced and sold “only at the weekend.”

The court also ordered the town’s center-right mayor Jérôme Viaud to enforce the ruling immediately, in order to maintain law and order”

Source: VICE


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