Michigan Police Officer Brutally Beating A Man Caught On Camera (Video)




A vicious video of Michigan cops beating a man with now reason has surfaced on the net.

Per ThinkProgress:

On January 28, Floyd Dent was arrested in Inkster, Michigan and charged with resisting arrest, assault and possession of cocaine. The charges seemed unusual considering Dent had worked at Ford for 37 years and had no criminal history.

A video of Dent’s arrest, released today, reveals a far more disturbing picture. It shows Dent being dragged from his car, placed in a chokehold and struck 16 times in the head. Dent was also Tasered three times.

In all, 10 cops arrived at the scene. They were all white, according to Dent’s attorney.

Police say they pulled Dent over while they were “watching an area known to have drug activity” and saw that Dent “didn’t make a complete stop at a stop sign.” After a judge saw the video, the charges of resisting arrest and assault were immediately thrown out. Dent still faces drug possession charges.

Watch the video below


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