Happy Birthday: President Barack Obama Celebrates The 5th Anniversary Of Obamacare




Has it really been 5 years?

It has been five years since the country became split over whether it was worth it to offer every citizen health insurance. When President Barack Obama first pitched his proposal for Affordable Care Act, Republicans immediately struck citing big government and wasteful spending.

Welp, five years later and the GOP is still mad that they haven’t found a way to eliminate Obamacare. With the President in his last run as being the HPIC, he celebrated his signature piece of legislation.

Per SF Gate:

President Obama marked the fifth anniversary of the Affordable Care Act on Wednesday by mocking the law’s longtime critics as wrong about their predictions that its passage would doom America’s health care system.

In an event at the White House, Obama said the law had decreased the ranks of the uninsured by a third, having enabled 16 million people to sign up for health coverage through the government marketplaces.

”We have been promised a lot of things in these past five years that didn’t turn out to be the case,” Obama said. “Death panels, doom, a serious alternative from Republicans in Congress.”

The president’s remarks came as the law remained under attack on multiple fronts. In a challenge before the Supreme Court this month, plaintiffs argued that a critical part of the law — the subsidies that make insurance affordable — cannot be provided to people signing up at HealthCare.gov.

Of course the right didn’t take the President swigging around like that too kindly. The responded as only they could.

Michael Short, a spokesman for the Republican National Committee, issued a statement shortly after Obama’s remarks.

No matter how much President Obama spins his unpopular health care law so Hillary Clinton can run for his third term, middle class Americans are still being saddled with higher premiums, higher taxes, fewer work hours, and canceled plans,” Short said.

What can you say. Haters gonna hate.



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