No T.H.O.Ts: American Apparel Outline Know What Kind Of Models They Don’t Want



You might get a thousand likes on your selfie and shutdown Instagram when you post a booty shot, but that doesn’t make you a model.

That was basically how American Apparel feels about who they want to model their clothes.

The company is in the middle of  rebranding. One of the things that they want to change is the look of their models. They plan on moving away from the amateur models they used before and more towards professional types.

The New York Post obtained an email where the company stated in no plain words what they want.

“[The] company is going through a rebranding image so will be shooting models moving forward,” LA casting agent Phira Luon wrote in a March 18 email blast to models that was obtained by The Post. “Real models. Not Instagram hoes or THOTs.”

For those not in the know, the overused term, THOTs” is slang abbreviation for “that ho over there.”

The email sparked outrage last week which fired Luon to issue an apology for what he said “was just an inappropriate off color joke that was not intended to defame the clients name or philosophy/views in anyway.”

This ain’t the first time that Apparel’s first time stumbling over their own words.

Last week, American Apparel’s new senior vice president of marketing, Cynthia Erland, told as many as 30 employees at a meeting that she didn’t want models who were “too short and round,” according to three sources who were present at the meeting.

I feel like, if they don’t want no t.h.o.t.s, then they should have the right to say that. I mean, music is made about how much we don’t even  love em.


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