Ted Cruz to Announce 2016 GOP Presidential Bid




We know that Jeb Bush is running. So is Rand Paul. The GOP is preparing for a barrage of candidates throwing their names in the hat for the 2016 Presidential race. One more name will be announced this coming week.

Per WSJ:

Texas Sen. Ted Cruz, whose combative approach to politics has helped guide the Republican Party’s right wing, will formally enter the 2016 presidential race on Monday, kicking off a primary-election debate about how aggressively conservative the GOP should be as it seeks to recapture the White House.

Aides to Mr. Cruz said he would announce his candidacy in a speech at a Christian university in Virginia, becoming the first major candidate of either party to do so and heightening his national visibility.

The announcement by Mr. Cruz marks the beginning of the primary election battle to define a Republican Party that is divided about the balance between ideology and pragmatism, and which is uncertain about who should lead it. His candidacy comes as recent polls indicate that none of the likely candidates has yet emerged as a bridge-building consensus choice among the party’s factions.

Cruz will add to his name to a list of contenders that include New Jersey Governor Chris Christie and Former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee.


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