Police Blotter: San Francisco Cops Make Arrests In The Middle Of A Videshoot (Video)

Police tape

Message to rappers, the police are watching you! Some Bay Area emcees found that out the hard way.

Per Sf Gate

With their guns drawn, a team of San Francisco police, including several plainclothes officers, shut down a hip-hop video shoot and handcuffed nearly 20 people last weekend in the Bayview.

Police arrested two men, one on suspicion of being a felon in possession of a loaded semi-automatic handgun and another on suspicion of selling drugs, said Officer Albie Esparza, a police spokesman.

Video of the episode was posted online and has been making the rounds on social media, prompting some to wonder if police acted excessively.

Brian Strom, a city resident and videographer, was with the group all day Sunday shooting a video for the new track “Demo,” featuring Bay Area hip-hop artist Yung Lott.

Police arrested Taj Williams on suspicion of being a felon in possession of a firearm, and 24-year-old Michael Higginbotham was arrested on suspicion of selling drugs.

Watch the raid below



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