Not Loving It: McDonalds Has No Budget To Pay SXSW Artists


Austin Eats


The SXSW a music festival goes off next week. The city of Austin will be beseiged by music fans and media trying to get a free look at their favorite act.

Over the last few years, big brands have gotten into the mix at SXSW. Samsung, Verizon, Doritos, Yahoo! and others have sponsored shows during the week in the past. This year, McDonalds will be sponsoring a show.

The multi-billion dollar fast-food chain will not, I repeat, will not be paying any big-time performers or any performers at all to headline the show.

Brian Harding of the band Ex Cops wrote about the company’s pitch in a post on Facebook:

Their selling point was that this was “a great opportunity for additional exposure,” and that “McDonald’s will have their global digital team on site to meet with the bands, help with cross promotion, etc”

I don’t, and doubt that they know what this means either.

Getting past that rhetoric, at the very least a big corporation like McDonald’s can at least pay their talent a little. Right?

“There isn’t a budget for an artist fee (unfortunately)”

To put this in perspective, Lady Gaga got a $2.5 million dollar check to do a set for Doritos last year.

No word on who will be performing on the show. It seems like their trying to apply a dollar menu theory mentality for the show.

McDonald’s does promise that the bands will “be featured on screens throughout the event, as well as possibly mentioned on McDonald’s social media accounts like Facebook.

Hopefully they’ll be passing out chicken nuggets during the show. There will be a McDonalds food truck on the streets of Austin. So, there’s that.

Source: Gawker


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