Wu Tang Clan: “Once Upon A Time In Shaolin” To Hit Stores In 88 Years

Wu Tang

Last year, the RZA announced that he would be auctioning off a secret album that the Wu-Tang Clan made called, Once Upon A Time In Shaolin.

The album features appearances from all 9 members of the group. As opposed to dropping it on iTunes or working with a lable, the RZA decided to just auction off 1 copy of the album for one lucky fan.

The auction is about to begin. One super-Wu Tang fan will find themselves in possession of a rare piece of hip-hop art. I just hope the buyer read the fine print first though

Per Stereo Gum:

Last spring the world got a brief preview of Once Upon A Time In Shaolin, the secret Wu-Tang Clan album that will be released in a limited edition of 1 and auctioned off to the highest bidder. That might be all most of us hear from the project for the rest of our lives. Forbes notes that an auction site has gone live through Paddle8, an upstart auction site that has sold works by Damien Hirst, Julian Schnabel and Jeff Koons. The site contains a Q&A with key contributors, and among the revelations is that the eventual buyer won’t be allowed to publicly release the album for 88 years according to copyright law. He or she can tour the album around the world and host listening sessions, but they aren’t allowed to reproduce it for sale.

RZA explains it all:

When you buy a painting or a sculpture, you’re buying that piece rather than the right to replicate it. Owning a Picasso doesn’t mean you can sell prints or reproductions, but that you’re the sole owner of a unique original. And that’s what Once Upon A Time In Shaolin is. It’s a unique original rather than a master copy of an album.

Adds producer Cilvaringz:

We felt that retail commercialization and mass replication would dilute the status of the album as a one-off work of art and compromise the integrity of our statement.

Once Upon A Time In Shaolin contains 31 tracks and was recorded over six years. The final tracklisting will only be revealed to the buyer. As of now the sole copy of the album is being stored in a silver-and-nickel-plated box and jewel case at the Royal Mansour hotel in Marrakech.

If you’re hoping to land a bootleg copy, then you’re out of luck.All backup copies of th album have been destroyed. Forbes notes that the buyer will also receive deluxe liner notes in the form of a 174-page book wrapped in leather by a master bookbinder plus one more special touch from artist Yahya.



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