Ageism: Tinder To Charge More If You’re Over 30


Tech Crunch

Tech Crunch

I’ve never used Tinder, but from what I’m told, it’s nothing but trouble. An app that helps you locate all the lonely and single people in your immediate location. I’ll be real, Tinder sounds like a young mans game. I guess they think so too.

The app plans on raising the prices on all users who are above the age of 28-years-old

Per Gawker

The dating app’s new premium paid-for service is called Tinder Plus. It offers users the ability to find partners in foreign countries, unlimited right-swipes, or likes, and a rewind button to recover mistaken swipes.

Users under the age of 28 who want the extra functions will be charged £3.99 a month, and those over 28 will pay £14.99. The app will remain free, though non-paying users will no longer be able to make unlimited right-swipes.

Here’s a new app that those over the age of 28 can use, it’s called go the hell outside and meet somebody. There’s a good chance that will be cheaper than using Tinder. Even if it’s just by a little



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