The Grateful Dead Reunion Tour Tickets Hit $10k




Before I read this story, I really thought this group broke up decades ago. I was wrong. The legendary group, The Grateful Dead will roll-up one last joint and rock a crowd again as a group. Not really as a group, they are missing one key member. Without Jerry Garcia, the original members of the group will reunite for one last three-day stand in Chicago and the tickets are not cheap.

Per Stereo Gum:

Tickets for the Grateful Dead’s three-night reunion at Soldier Field in Chicago are (surprise, surprise) being scalped for inordinate prices. Mashable reports that single night tickets are mostly going for well over $1,000 on Stubhub, and tickets for all three days are averaging around $10,000, with the highest going up to as much as $15,000.

When the reunion was announced, the Dead tried to combat scalpers by resorting to their traditional method of serving up pre-sale tickets via a first-come-first-serve mail order system, but they ran into an unfortunate snag: Chicago Bears season ticket holders, who usually occupy Soldier Field, had first dibs on seats, and a lot of them took their option to buy tickets and, presumably, flip them for a lot more money.

An anonymous StubHub source told Mashable that these were some of the highest ticket prices he’d ever seen. “I’ve been doing this nine years, and I would say this is going to be the biggest one I’ve seen. The Super Bowl is always going to be bigger than anything. But this is definitely the biggest concert. By far. By far.”

For $10,000, I’d fully expect to see a hologram Jerry Garcia on stage.


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