Donald Glover Weighs In On The Possibility Of Playing Spider-Man (Video)


Via Spinoff.comicalliance

Via Spinoff.comicalliance

Remember the outrage over the remake of “Annie?” Well turn that up by 100 if fans of Spider-Man see a different version of the legendary hero their used to seeing.

If comedian Donald Glover had his way, that’s just what would have to happen. Glover led a campaign called #Donald4Spiderman on social media last year that caused a fire-storm of criticism from die-hard fans of Spidey.

That didn’t stop Glover for campaigning for the role. After his success as the actual Black Spider-Man, Miles Morales on the Disney XD show The Ultimate Spider-Man: Web Warriors.

With Sony primed to pull off another reboot of the hit franchise soon, there was speculation that Glover would really be considered for the role.

Recently, Glover spoke with Yahoo! about the possibility of playing the role of Spider-Man.

Source: Shadow & Act


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