MSNBC To Cancel ‘The Reid Report’ With Joy-Ann Reid

The Reid Report



MSNBC’s “The Reid Report” with Joy-Ann Reid is going bye bye to the shock of the shows fans.

After weeks of speculation, it looks the company might be going Reid the axe to help stop some of the bleeding from falling ratings.

Per Shadow + Act:

2 weeks after speculation, based on available evidence, that MSNBC would cancel “The Reid Report” with Joy-Ann Reid, it’s now a reality, as the network has announced officially, that it will indeed be canceling Reid’s program. Also canceled is Ronan Farrow’s show, “Ronan Farrow Daily.” As previously noted, both shows haven’t performed as well as the network would like, based on ratings. No word yet on what MSNBC will replace both shows with. Following below is the initial February 4th “speculation” post…

There were rumors for weeks whether or not one of the shows would get the axe due to bad ratings, but it looks like both shows will be saying good-bye to fans.




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