Walmart To Give Raises To 500,000 Workers




While it’s not the $15 minimum wage that many are pushing for, Walmart is making small strides towards raising wages for their workers.

Per UPI:

Retail giant Walmart said it plans to give raises to some 500,000 employees, bringing hourly wages above today’s federal wage minimum.

The company, which announced a mixed quarterly report, said the move ensures hourly employees at Walmart and Sam’s Club earn at least $1.75 over the federal wage minimum, or $9 an hour, in April. By Feb. 1, 2016, current employees will earn at least $10 an hour, Walmart said.

The company said it is spending $1 billion to adjust how it pays and trains its hourly employees, including the raises.

“These changes will give our U.S. associates the opportunity to earn higher pay and advance in their careers. We’re pursuing a comprehensive approach that is sustainable over the long term,” Doug McMillon, Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. president and CEO, said in a written statement.




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