Up Next: Jas Prince Also Wants Birdman To Open Up The Books



One of these days, Birdman is going to stop messing with the Prince family. The elder statesmen of the  family, J. Prince has already called out the Cash Money CEO over failure to pay royalties for their help and n discovering Drake.

Now he eldest son is ready to step into the courtroom and go toe-to-toe with CMB.

Per TMZ:

Birdman is getting called on the carpet by the guy who discovered Drake, and the guy thinks Baby has a M.O. — stiff the people who made you a success.

Jas Prince filed new legal docs demanding that Cash Money open the books on the millions of dollars Drake has generated for the label. Jas is pissed because he’s gotten a grand total of $2 million for his find, even though he was promised a huge chunk of the profits. And there are reports Cash Money has made $40 million from Drake.

So Jas — whose dad is J. Prince — wants to shine a light on Birdman’s money practices. Jas isn’t alone — Cash Money has already been sued by Lil Wayne and Young Turk, both of whom think Birdman has been shorting them. They may be little and young, but they will NOT be shorted.

Meanwhile, Baby is still pushing his new outfit, Rich Gang and acting like he’s not seeing the massive revolt that’s going on outside his house.


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