Boogie (@BoogietheBeast) “Further” (Audio)



When it comes to discovering new music, a great Source would NPR. Yup, the station tht brings us montone radio personalities has also helped break some of the best new artists in music. That goes especially for hip-hop. While mainstream outlets were still wondering who the likes of Big K.r.i.t. and Kendrick Lamar were, NPR was promoting them as if they were Jay Z or Nas.

Strolling through their site, I stumbled on a new voice. Well, one that’s new to me. West Coast native Boogie has a smooth flow and purpose to his rhymes that will certainly make him a fan-favorite on the indie circuit.

Today, do yourself a favor and check out the Long Beach natives track “Further” and feel like your ahead of the game somewhat. I’m 5 days lates on it. If you’re reading this now… get the idea.

Stream his track


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