Adult Film Legend Lisa Ann Wants To Turn U.K.’s Harrison Twins From Boys To Men (Audio)




When not starring in everything from gangbangs to blowjob scenes, porn legend Lisa Ann is prowling the college campuses looking for fresh meat to satisfy her cougar appetite.

She might’ve found two new pieces of meat on the University of Kentucky campus.

In an interview with Mad Dog Radio recently, Lisa spoke openly about her lust for Aaron and Andrew Harrison.

I’m doing some March Madness events and I don’t know if I’m going to be able to refrain from the twins,” said Lisa on air.

“So do you think I’d be banned from the school all together if I was inappropriate? Those Harrison twins are just so beautiful. I don’t want them to go into the league because they’re going to get separated and I like them playing together.”

And that wasn’t it. She also spoke about how her and UK star Devin Booker exchange text messages before and after games.

To hear her full interview, stream it below


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