Status Changed: South Carolina Inmates Get Solitary Confinement For Using Facebook




A few inmates in South Carolina learned the hard way how much time you will get for updating your Facebook from behind bars.

Per Gawker:

Over the last three years, South Carolina prison officials have brought more than 400 disciplinary cases against inmates for “social networking,” the Electronic Frontier Foundation reports. Penalties in such cases are exorbitant, including time in solitary confinement as well as deprivation of visitation and telephone privileges.

Following a request filed under South Carolina’s Freedom of Information Act, the EFF identified at least three cases in which inmates received more time in “disciplinary detention” than they had actually been sentenced to serve in prison. Tyheem Henry, for example, received 37.5 years in solitary confinement and lost 74 years worth of telephone, visitation, and canteen privileges.

The sentence seems extremely harsh for what would seem like something go so small. They went on to explain the sentence.

The sentences are so long because SCDC issues a separate Level 1 violation for each day that an inmate accesses a social network. An inmate who posts five status updates over five days, would receive five separate Level 1 violations, while an inmate who posted 100 updates in one day would receive only one.



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