J.Prince Puts Diddy, Suge Knight, Baby And Lil Wayne On Alert With “Courtesy Call” (Audio)


Vlad TV

Vlad TV

If you’re a fan of Rap-A-Lot records, the. You’ve heard the voice of label CEO J. Prince. The booming bass in his voice doesn’t seem like it could come from the small body of J. Prince. Trust and believe, if J. Prince gets on a track to speak, you better pay attention.

The Houston native jumped into the booth recently to address some issues that he’s been silent about. Prince takes aim at Diddy, Suge Knight, Baby and Slim as well as Lil Wayne on, “Courtesy Call.”

Most of issues surround how people are taking Drake too lightly. Drake is an extended Rap-A-Lot family member thanks to his son Jas Prince and a ton of paperwork.

Like he said on the record, if you got beef with Drake, you got beef with him.

TMZ got their hands on the track first. Check it out here


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