Politician Calls For Mental Evaluations Of All Police Officers (Video)




Last year, protests broke out across the globe against what many perceived as police brutality after the deaths of Missouri teen Mike Brown, NYC resident Eric Garner and 12-year old Tamir Rice.

Their deaths and the subsequent lack of indictments handed down to any officer accused of their death led to calls for more supervision of police officers. Things like body cameras on all officers were proposed by many including former Attorney General Eric Holder.

Another politican came up with another bold move that could help filter out good cops and bad cops.

Per Filmingcops:

Representative Lew Frederick was at a town hall meeting in Portland, Oregon, when he made the announcement.

As of now, officers do take a psych evaluation, but it is only part of their preliminary entrance into the academy, and its efficacy is highly questionable, since so many cops make it into the force with a variety of debilitating mental and character defects.

The new bill would require ongoing psychological examinations of the mental states of active duty police officers, by law, and presumably with much stronger restrictions.

He announced a series of bills that would pave the way for evaluations, an announcement that was met with applause and cheers from citizens.

“I want to have a regular psychological evaluation of every law enforcement officer,” Frederick said in no uncertain terms.

He cited the unrest in Ferguson as one line of support.

Frederick said he himself also feels concerned about threats to his life by police.

Watch some of his town hall speech below


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