Say My Name: Beyoncé Sues Company For Selling Feyonce Merchandise




A company in the U.K. just got chin checked by Beyoncé.

Per Pulse:

Her name is Beyonce and not ‘Feyonce’ but the singer’s legal team are reportedly threatening a company called Esty for selling ‘Feyonce’ named products online.

Esty is a craft website with similarities to eBay and Pinterest.

Reports say Esty was marketing ‘Feyonce’ mugs and when someone got the mugs for his engagement party, it drew the attention of so many other customers who wanted to celebrate with the couple.

Beyonce and her attorneys felt it was too much of a coincidence and reportedly sent a letter to the company for infringement. Plus, are threatening to sue.

According to TMZ, Etsy has taken the items off the artist’s online shop. But still has other feyonce items on it’s site, including clothing and glassware. And these items are selling big.
This situation sends us back to Rihanna who recently won a name right case over Topshop UK for printing t-shirts with the singer’s face on it without her permission.


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