PEIGDA: 25,000 Germans March Against Islam (Video)

What if I told you that every Monday large groups of people gather together to march against immigrants and religion, would go under the radar for the most part. Well that does happen, and it keeps growing, we’ll get to know more about it pretty soon.

Every Monday since October in Dresden, Germany a group called “Patriotic Europeans Against the Islamization Of The Occident” or, PEGIDA for short gathers groups of Germans the top of every week to protest against Islam, Sharia law and immigration.

The group has been compared to the Nazi party of Germany’s past for their views on immigrants and Islam does this every Monday. The group managed to be a niche segment of people who felt the same way.

Thanks to the Charlie Hedbo attack, growing anger against Islam and floods of immigrants from countries like Syria claiming political asylum in places like Germany has been a huge public relations win for PEGIDA.

Their marches went from being 350 people to 25,000 on January 12th. The group has members across the country as well as other parts of Europe. There was even an anti-Islam rally outside of Houston recently that we PEGIDA sympathizers.

VICE took to the streets of Germany to get a glimpse of the protest, their opposition and more.

Check out their coverage below


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