#OccupyPlayGround: Police Fire Tear Gas On Kenyan Kids Protecting A Soccer Field

Brian Inganga/AP/NPR

Brian Inganga/AP/NPR


As protestors line up for a call for action from some of the atrocities were seeing from police brutality in America, to the many human rights issues that are happening in countries in Europe, few speak about some of the major issues going on in Africa.

For instance, many probably saw #OccupyPlayground has been trending for a while. I’m sure many people had no clue what this was.

The hashtag circulated after hundreds of elementary schools in Kenya were protesting the illegal seizure of their playground by a private developer in Nairobi, Kenya.

While protesting the loss of their when police fired tear gas into the crowd. This is a crowd of kids, remember that.

The incident sparked outrage across the city — and on social media, where Kenyans tweeted with the hashtag #OccupyPlayGround.

But the shocking images and videos of the ordeal provoked a surprisingly proactive response. In the end, these Kenyan kids did what ordinary Kenyans are rarely able to do: defend disappearing public space.

Read more about what the kids did and how the world reacted here.


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