I’m Different: Mitt Romney: ‘I’m One Of Those Republicans’ Who Believes In Climate Change


As we all know, Barack Obama has no more campaigns to run…..because he won two of them. So that means a ton of new and old faces waving red and blue flags will be banging for their sets sooner than you think.

One of the old faces that we’ve seen more than we would care to know (me being a Bostonian, I’ve heard his name so much I feel likes he’s apart of my life.) Mitt Romney may or may not toss his hat in the ring again. Romney, who lost in a close one to Barack Obama in 2012, is talking like a guy who is running an early campaign.

During an investment managers conference in Salt Lake City, Romney spoke like a man who might be lacing his shoes up for a third run at President.

During his speech, he actually attacked politicians on both sides about their lack of concern for poverty and among other things, the climate.

I’m one of those Republicans who thinks we are getting warmer and that we contribute to that,” he said of climate change, charging that federal leaders have failed to enact global agreements needed to tackle the problem.”

All this talk about the people, poverty and climate is a new spin on an old candidate. He didn’t speak much about any of that during his 2012 run.

Do you think this about face on climate change and other issues will help him look less like a political super-villain?





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