Goin Up On A Tuesday: Did Walmart Leak Kendrick Lamar’s Sophomore Album Release Date?

Kendrick Lamar

If we take Walmart as a news source, then Kendrick Lamar will be releasing his sophomore major label release on Tuesday. As in, next Tuesday.

Per Stereo Gum:

Wal-Mart seems to know things — things that might go beyond how to make billions of dollars by destroying small-town America. For instance: Wal-Mart may have learned, before the rest of the world, that Kendrick Lamar is about to drop a surprise album on the world.

Stereo Gum

Stereo Gum

Yesterday, as Section Eighty points out, someone posted an image of a new-release calendar in some random Wal-Mart’s music section. It lists an unreleased Kendrick Lamar album with a release date of 1/27.

Now, there’s no facts to go off of. TDE or Kendrick haven’t said a mention about his second album. So I’m not telling you to head to a Walmart on Tuesday, I’m just saying, stay woke.



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