Distraction Of The Day: Iggy Azalea Said She Changed Hip-Hop Already….Many People Didn’t Read The Story Though




Alright folks, today’s Distraction of the Day is the music worlds favorite punching bag, Iggy Azalea. I’ve been very torn about her and her presence in the world and representation of hip-hop. Initially, I was totally ok with her being in the hip-hop category. I still am. I feel like she is part of the culture that you can’t really hold back. Suburban kids have now grown up listening and experiencing hip-hop. I fully expect more White, Latino, Asian men and women dipping their toe into the rap waters.

Her attitude about social issues bothers me. Her silence on the Mike Brown protests pissed me off like the silence of acts like The Migos did. But I can separate the two. He lack of social awareness has nothing to do with her making rap music really. And to be real, I’m old enough to remember when Vanilla Ice was a thing. To say she’s the first mainstream pop-hop act would be absurd. From Young MC to pick a rapper today, there’s always been a pop element to hip-hop.

Today, I’ll defend her totally.

Recently, the Grammy nominated artist did another what I call, “trap” interview. Not sure if you noticed, but a lot of the publications that put her on a pedestal when she initially hit the scene like Complex have back-pedaled as of late. Her early supporters seem to have found a seat on the “We Hate Iggy” bandwagon.

Not saying Time is on the bandwagon, but I will say they knew what they were doing when they credal this title.

“Iggy Azalea Says She’s Already Changed Hip-Hop.” Just reading that was enough ammunition for her detractors to come at her with full-force. What they didn’t do was read the story. Aside from them asking her the routine Iggy questions, like what’s it like to be White, what about your ‘haters’ yada, yada, yada.

But this question and how her answered turned into the title that amped up her critics even more is why I write this.

In an interview with GQ, Iggy was asked about those who feel she’s not really hip-hop. Her actual answer was real to me.

When asked,  “what do you want your legacy to be?” her answer was totally honest

You never know how long you’ll be in people’s good graces, especially in this business. So I hope it’s long—but I could be here for three or four years and then be out, like most artists. So it depends. I might be here for a long time. At the very worst, if I have a short-lived career, at least I could say I sparked a change—that I inspired some leniency in what people accept in hip-hop. And if I have a very long career and can be gyrating in a leotard at 35, that would be great.

By the titles that people are using, you would think she called herself hip-hop’s savior. Nope. What she did was admit that she might be a flash in the pan and if she does go down as one, then at least remember her as a rap sacrificial lamb. Due to her, there will be more nonsensical “rap” music played on pop radio.

Is that an accomplishment, not really. But at the same time, it’s not as bad as people want it to seem. She seems very aware of her shelf life. Let this woman bask in her mediocrity. It’s because of her, we will accept more safe, pabulum passed off for rap music.

Now that would’ve been a better title. “because of her, we will accept more safe, pabulum passed off for rap music.”

Iggy came off to me as someone on death row. She’s been sentenced, she’s been given her last choice of last meal. She’s exhausted all appeals and now she’s coming to grips with the future and how she might not be part of it. I didn’t get that she was saying, “I changed hip-hop.” What she said basically was, “you can kill me, but you can’t kill us all!! Nonsensical pop music will live,” before they flipped the switch on her.


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