Pope Francis Says Catholics Don’t Need To Breed ‘Like Rabbits’




I went to a Catholic high school. I’ll be the first to admit, I didn’t learn a lot about Catholicism while I was there. Granted, I did learn some things. I learned that Italians pretend to be mobsters like Black kids will pretend to be drug lords. I also learned that cheerleaders will do almost anything. I also learned that a few Priests can be a little touchy, feely.

But what I learned about the faith was almost nothing outside of the fact that Catholics aren’t the biggest supporters of contraception.

Nope, the don’t believe in birth control in any way, and that includes sliding a jacket on your guy before you wade into the water. Procreation is the thing with Catholics. But the new Pope feels like Catholics can slow down a little bit in the baby making department.

Before taking a flight from Phillippines to Rome, Pope Francis spoke with media. The Pope encouraged Catholics to approve the use of church-approved contraception.

The National Catholic Reporter says Francis “made what appears to be an unprecedented statement that Catholics may have a moral responsibility to limit the number of their children.” It describes the pope’s remarks this way:

Telling the story of a woman he met in a parish in Rome several months ago who had given birth to seven children via cesarean section and was pregnant with an eighth, Francis asked: ‘Does she want to leave the seven orphans?’

” ‘This is to tempt God,’ he said, adding later: ‘That is an irresponsibility.’ Catholics, the pope said, should speak of ‘responsible parenthood.’

” ‘How do we do this?’ Francis asked. ‘With dialogue. Each person with his pastor seeks how to do that responsible parenthood.’

” ‘God gives you methods to be responsible,’ he continued. ‘Some think that — excuse the word — that in order to be good Catholics we have to be like rabbits. No.’ ”

Francis has widely been believed to be the Vaticans most progressive Pope in a longtime. Let’s see if he can get his latest idea passed by traditionalists.



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