3 Things We Took Away From The State Of The Union Address (Video)




Last night, President Barack Obama gave his 6th State of the Union address. As we know, President Obama is a lame duck President right now. He’s second term as President will be up next year. Right now, he’s just shooting for things to add to his legacy now.

That attitude was on full display last night. His declarations, his response to the crowd, everything said, “I’m outta here in a few months. Please don’t kill my vibe.”

He did make some great points last night. Here are a few points that I thought stood out the most from his speech


Lets move on:

Barak Obama-United States-Politics

Last night, the President knew that the crowd that was sitting in front of him were not his biggest fans. The GOP took control of the House of Representatives and Senate this past November. After voting results came out, many expected the country to really implode. The Republicans and President Obama have never really seen eye-to-eye over his time in office. Many promised in their acceptance speeches to make his last few years in office unbearable.

That hasn’t happened too much so far and if you let the President, it won’t. Barack’s overall vibe last night was laid back. He was kinda like Chris Rock during his “Bigger and Blacker” special.

During his set, he actually extended his hands to the GOP and asked his longtime enemies “Lets not look to the past.” Not sure if any of them actually heard the message, but he did deliver it. Just like a man named Barack who grew up in Hawaii and was part of the “Chum Crew” he asked his hater to basically, “chill out…relax.”

Free Education, Sign Me Up!

Though he spoke about his plan to offer two years of Junior College for anyone who wanted to go for free, I became a bigger fan of the man! With the prices of colleges and universities going up every second and Sallie Mae determined to be the ex-girlfriend from hell for anyone who attempted to take her out, hearing that you can get your first two years of school for the freebie should be news to everyone’s ears.

That announcement took the pressure off the hands of many students who were wringing their hands at the thought of going broke in order to get the type of education that could pull one out of the bottom percentile. Of course, the GOP is not feeling that at all, but refer to the first point. “Chill out…relax.”

Its Been A Great Folks:

If you didn’t know that Barack Obama was on the tail end of his Presidency, then you knew it last night when the President delivered what might’ve been the ‘burn of the year.’

At the tail end of his speech, President Obama mentioned that, he doesn’t have to campaign anymore. This is his last round  hitting the trail, shaking hands and kissing babies. No one in the room felt those words more than the GOP. When he mentioned that his time in the Oval Office will be up soon, the mostly conservative crowd applauded loudly. It was his response that sent social media into a tailspin.

As he heard the applause from the crowd, he responded, “Yeah, because I won two of them.” The silence that consumed the room spoke louder than any words could’ve.

That smart ass comment is the theme for his last few months as President.

Expect the President to veto what he doesn’t like. Expect him to push harder for things he truly believes in and expect his level of “give a shit” to be lower than gas prices.



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