Talib Kweli Explains Why He Left The Major Label System




Face it guys, the music industry has changed. Gone are the days when you would walk into a music store and grab the latest album that dropped that week. Music today is so accessible for fans that most don’t pay for what they listen to. And if they did it’s at such a reduced rate that you might wondered if the artist you call yourself supporting will ever get a cent.

There are ways to make money in the industry today. Thanks to social media, you can connect easier with your fan base. Amazon and  iTunes made it so that an artist can bypass the major label system and distribute your own music. Today, an indie album could move 11,000 copies of album independently and live a great life touring and releasing music without having to worry if you have enough radio singles to make the label get behind the album?

One artist who saw the change coming and rather than be late to catch the wave, jumped early was Talib Kweli. Kweli knows the indie hustle. He came in the game with indie darling Rawkus. He knows the major label system like the back of his hand. He knows his fans and he knows his worth.

Kweli took his years in the game and created a channel to make the most off his creation. Check out his  reasons as to why he decided to ditch the majors here


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