2 Chainz For Mayor: 5 Hip-Hop Personalties That Would Make Great Politicians (Video)


Chicago Defender

Chicago Defender

Recently, 2 Chainz made a mention in an interview that he would consider a run for mayor of College Park. If you could imagine it, 2 Chainz being the Mayor of his old stomping grounds would be the epitome of greatness!

While he was most likely joking, hearing Tit say that he would run for Mayor of his hometown made me think. What other rap personalities would be able to make the jump from rocking the stage to rocking the vote?

Here’s a list of artists who we feel would fit well in public office.



Killer Mike: Killer Kill from Adamsville would be my choice if he ever did chose to run for anything.

Mike is the man! He’s carved out a niche for himself as a phenomenal rapper with a strong cult following thanks to his success with El-P in their group, Run The Jewels. He’s also built himself up as a voice of the forgotten.

During the protests for slain teen Mike Brown, Mike could often be found on CNN pledging the case for justice for the teen shot and killed by a police officer.

And that’s not his first time being called from the stage to the newsroom to debate a topic. Mikes energy and passion when speaking might make him a better pastor, but I hope that he would consider running for office. “Killer Mike for President.”

Jeezy: Let’s be for real. Almost every politician has a few skeletons in their closets. Having something hiding in your past for a politician is business as usual. We all know Jeezy had a thing for the white girl in his past. Like his mentor Jay Z, Jeezy boasts about his early days as a drug dealer. Like his mentor, distancing yourself from something that you’ve been pretty proud about for so long is almost impossible.

While it might be hard to distance himself from his past, his present and future are what should electrify supporters. Like Mike, Jeezy can be so passionate when he speaks about the wrongs of the world that he’d build a legion of die-hard supporters in no time. His calls for action after the shooting of Mike Brown picked him up many new fans, some in the political world.

He already has a few friends in high places already.



Combine that with his support in the streets and you can see where he can become one of those dark horse candidates who experts think has no chance of winning, until he’s the last man standing on election night.

And I’m sure he former career as a pharmaceutical salesman might endear him to a few already in office and some out of it. Somebody call George W. Bush, an old friend wants to say, “hi.”

B-Real: The Cypress Hill frontman has been front and center on the “Free The Weed” platform for decades now. B-Real is every smokers favorite rapper. Over time, he’s taken his advocacy for legal weed from just mentioning it in songs to doing something about it. Aside for being an outspoken voice for the cause, he’s actually taken to opening up dispensaries across the West Coast and accessories for hardcore weed smokers.

Don’t get lost in the weed clouds and think that Real is not just another stoner and his crowd aren’t just a bunch of weed heads. More and more are changing their opinions on legal weed. All the cause would need is a blunted up, articulate person to really push this cause across the U.S. Of A. He can easily become someone in the West could use his influence on the political scene to get major action done for the weed community and maybe more. Who knows, after getting weed legalized, maybe he’d gather Congress up for a hotbox session and get a budget balanced.




David Banner: If David Banner ran for office today, he’d most likely get a vote from me. Banner has walked a line between getting money and getting hoes and uplift your mind, build your community in his music. What man do you know who could go from a song like, “Like A Pimp” could turn around and give you something deep as “Cadillac on 24’s.”

As years passed, Banner seems to becoming more of the latter. Banner has been a consistent voice for Black America on cable news outlets. Banners passion and courage to stand in support or opposition of something with no fear will easily find him some support from people who know that there’s more Banner can bring you other than the “The Whisper Song.”

Common: Lonnie Lynn seems to be molding himself into something that resembles a senator for the last 10-years it seems. Common has always used his ability to capture a crowd’s attention to speak to them about things going on in the world. After seeing the rapper/actor in his latest role as James Bevel in the movie “Selma” it’s starting to seem more like a when, than if he will run for office.

He has a gang of supporters in Hollywood who could certainly throw their support behind his campaign. Common has the persona that resonates with large groups of people. His easy going, carefree style might even remind some of our current President and Chicago native like Com, Barack Obama. Of all the people mentioned, not only would Common be the most likely to run out of the group of people I mentioned, he’d be the most likely to win whatever he decided to run for.





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