King Of The Reach: Lupe Fiasco Tweets, “Fu** MLK Jr” Then Tries To Chastise Fans For Not Knowing It’s A Song Lyric (Photo)

Lupe Fiasco

Show of hands, who feels that Lupe Fiasco is reaching for his life right now.

The Chicago emcee has been trolling fans for years now, taking controversial moments and giving his two cents on social media, just to turn around and attempt to school fans as if he’s a teachers about everything their missing.

You would think someone like him would be creating curriculum for schools, attempting to teach the youth about how media manipulates people, maybe write a book. Nope! Jay West is content being an attention whore on Twitter who feels he’s making a point.

His most recent reach took place on his favorite platform, Twitter.

Lu, out the blue decided to say, “Fuck Martin Luther King.” Of course it sent some people into a stir forcing them to respond to him like he wanted. He would later, like the douche he is, would pat them on the head, remind them that they’re lyrics from a Big K.r.i.t. song, then slink away like….well a douche!

Some of his douche dialogue went like this

You can put it right in their face for MONTHS and they won’t pay attention until you put it in a tweet with a hashtag. And they just go on and go on completely unaware what is happening around them until they feelings are hurt and it’s the cool thing to do. How much truer is the line ‘They ain’t listening to us’ NOW?”

Wow, Lupe, teach us more. Douche


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