Cop On Cop Violence: Cop Fight! NYPD Battles Itself As Union Meeting Descends Into Fisticuffs




As I read this story, my first thought was, “did anyone film this?” My second thought was, “would anyone get charged?”

A fight broke out at an NYPD Union meeting between pro-Pat Lynch factions and anti-Lynch factions.

Per NY Daily News:

Members of the Patrolmen’s Benevolent Association nearly came to blows on Tuesday during a meeting of delegates in Queens. There was pushing, shoving and lots of screaming at Patrick Lynch, president of the 23,000-member union.

The in-house battle erupted over the issue of what patrol officers really need — an apology from Mayor de Blasio or better equipment and more officers to back them up on the streets.

This is what my members want!” a cop yelled near the end of the raucous meeting. “They want more cars, better vests, more manpower!”

And then the cop — one of about 350 in attendance — took a verbal jab at Lynch, who has called on de Blasio to offer a mea culpa for his continued lack of support for police.

“They don’t want an apology,” he said.

At the peak of the clash, about 100 cops were standing and screaming at Lynch, sources told the Daily News.

“I don’t care about an apology!” another PBA member shouted. “I want to know what you’re going to do to protect us!”

The battle lines were clear when the meeting took an ugly turn. The Lynch supporters were generally from Manhattan and his detractors were delegates from Brooklyn and the Bronx, sources said.

“They were screaming,” one of the sources said. “Lynch’s guys got up and there was shoving and pushing.”

Many officers expressed a desire for better equipment over an apology.
There were no reported injuries at Antun’s, a catering hall in Queens Village. The fracas was first reported by the Daily News.

Some of the delegates at the meeting blamed Lynch for ordering a recent slowdown in arrests and summonses — a claim the PBA boss has denied. And, sources said, they accused him of buckling under pressure once NYPD brass made it clear they expected police activity to return to normal.

Last joke. Can this be called a “Lynch-mob.” I stole that from Gawker, because it needed to be shared.



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