Distraction Of The Day: Riot Cops Use Tear Gas On Columbus Crowds After Ohio State Win…Students Not Called Thugs (Video)


AP/USA Today

AP/USA Today

Last night, the Ohio State Buckeyes pulled off what many felt was a huge upset as they won the National Championship in resounding fashion over the Oregon Ducks.

While the players and coaches I’m sure partied hard in Texas after the win, they didn’t go harder than the students who didn’t play a single down.

Police in riot gear used tear gas to break up crowds of revelers in Columbus early Tuesday after Ohio State’s national title win over the Oregon Ducks according to NBC News.

At least a dozen small fires were reported after thousands poured out of bars to celebrate the Buckeyes’ victory, authorities said.

AP/USA Today

AP/USA Today

Columbus Police Department spokeswoman Denise Alex-Bouzounis told NBC News that about 8,000 students forced their way into The Horseshoe stadium and tore down a goal post.

She described the crowds as being “intense” after the game.

Fires were set and mayhem ensued…..yet no one has used the word “thug” to describe the mass crowd of rioters! We can also report that while tear gas was used, no one was shot dead and no police feared for their life at anytime, despite the fact fires were set, things were broken and they were greatly outnumbered.

Go figure


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